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Your Daily ‘AW’: Here’s Selena Gomez Cuddling Her New Baby Sister, Gracie!

Your Daily ‘AW’: Here’s Selena Gomez Cuddling Her New Baby Sister, Gracie!

Selena Gomez holds her baby sister, Gracie, in the park, proving she's the coolest and best big sis ever.

Selena Gomez is the happiest older sister we’ve ever seen!

If you don’t crack even the littlest smile over this BEYOND precious photo of Selena Gomez, her mom, and new baby sister, you might be missing a heart. And speaking of smiles, CLEARLY we know where Selena gets her beautiful beaming grin from — her momma, Mandy Teefey! It’s like looking in a mirror! Now, everyone, please take a moment to grin like an idiot and ‘awww’ over this flawless family moment. It’s also completely natural to want to tickle your computer screen and say “coochie coochie coo” non-stop — no judgments!

The “Come & Get It” singer was snapped spending some QT with her newborn baby sister, Gracie, and we just can’t get enough of how happy Selena looks!! Also: Can we talk about how Gracie is THE LUCKIEST BABY EVER to have Selena as an older sister? We know babies don’t care about anything except rattles, diaper changes, mashed carrots, and peek-a-boo, but one day Gracie’s gonna grasp the fact that her big sister is this enormously famous pop star with gazillions of really cool and talented friends (like Austin Mahone and Taylor Swift). UGH! Why couldn’t we have had a pop star sibling!?! (As opposed to being stuck with a brother who still calls me “turd face.” Sigh…)

Photo credit: Startraks Photos

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