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mtvU Woodies Performer Zedd Wrote The Perfect Song, Because He’s Good At Almost Everything (Except Math) (VIDEO)

mtvU Woodies Performer Zedd Wrote The Perfect Song, Because He’s Good At Almost Everything (Except Math) (VIDEO)

Zedd at the 2013 mtvU Woodies

Zedd is good at EDM, hugs, and being husband material.

You’d think that an artist hand-picked by Skrillex to share his EDM throne, the same guy who dropped the beat to Justin Bieber’s “Beauty And A Beat,” whom Lady Gaga’s entrusted with her next album, who’s become permanent owner of the dance charts with monster dance tracks like “Clarity” and “Spectrum,” the very same MTV Artist to Watch who can shake the foundations of an entire club with brain-melting BPMs, back a rock band on drums, or effortlessly re-arrange an EDM track into a melancholic emo torch song buoyed by a string section and grand piano — which he plays, too, obviously (HOW HAVE YOU NOT WATCHED HIM DO THIS ON LETTERMAN?) — well, you could be forgiven for thinking that a guy so obviously good at everything most people aren’t even a teeny bit good at might be a bit of an aloof jerk with an ego problem (because you might have an ego problem if you were good at basically everything). But you’d be wrong: Zedd is the sweetest, most perfectly lovely guy to come out any gifted and talented program and become a one-man EDM sovereign nation, and it only makes it more painful that he’s extremely easy on the eyes (I’m trying to say that Zedd is empirically attractive — I MEAN, HELLO, JUST LOOK AT HIM, and like WE GET IT, ZEDD, YOU’RE GOOD AT ALL OF THE TIHNGS), blatantly intelligent, and utterly charming. (It’s like he listened to R. Kelly’s “I’m A Flirt” and then did absolutely none of those things because he innately knew better.) Like, this is the kind of guy who’d help you with your homework without doing it just to try to get in your pants. But not your math homework. Because it turns out the one thing Zedd’s not good at is math. (And I don’t even fully believe that.) One thing is he good at? Making monster EDM tracks like “Clarity” and sending brains into sensory overload with his expertly orchestrated, perfectly synchronized, multi-facted, multi-layered live shows that feel like a free fall into another galaxy’s electro bacchanalia. (He also claims that he’s not good at cooking, which is fine, because I’ll take care of the cooking when we get married.)

+ Watch Zedd discuss writing “Clarity” and “Spectrum” and be generally totally charming at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards after the jump.

I caught up with Zedd backstage at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards, which he headlined (of course), and managed not to faint from fan-girling when he shared that his goal when writing songs like “Clarity” and “Spectrum” is just oh, you know simply “to make the most beautiful song that makes you cry and laugh and gives you the most emotions at the same time.” BECAUSE ZEDD IS ALSO TOTALLY IN TOUCH WITH HIS FEELINGS. HOW HAS NO ONE MARRIED ZEDD YET?

I’ll stop embarrassing myself now and instead just let you watch Zedd explain why EDM is so much more than just a guy pushing a button on a laptop, and also you can watch the part where Zedd hugged me WITHOUT ME EVEN CRYING AND BEGGING ASKING HIM. I’ll just be over here writing yet another letter to the RIAA petitioning Zedd to become his own Grammy category as well as choosing our wedding song. (“Clarity.” Duh.)

Watch mtvU Woodies performer Zedd discuss writing “Clarity” and “Spectrum” at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards:

Get the complete list of 2013 Woodie Awards winners, check out Woodies photos, and don’t miss the 2013 Woodie Awards Sunday, March 17 at 8/7c on MTV & mtvU, featuring performances from Zedd, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Twenty One Pilots, coming at you from SXSW!

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