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We’re Celebrating The End Of DOMA & Prop 8 With Same-Love Videos By Macklemore, Pink, And More!

We’re Celebrating The End Of DOMA & Prop 8 With Same-Love Videos By Macklemore, Pink, And More!

Same Love

No more DOMA or Prop 8!!! We’re celebrating with our favorite same-love videos and songs!

Today marks a HUGE historical moment in the United States: The Supreme Court said “peace out” to the controversial Defense Of Marriage Act and Proposition 8, which means (in case you’re just tuning in to this big deal) that (a)¬†married same-sex couples are entitled to federal benefits, and (b) same-sex couples can now legally wed in California! PUH-RAISE democracy!

Obviously we spent all morning debating how to properly celebrate such an epic moment. Should we hug every single photo of Adam Lambert we could find (which we do on the daily anyway)? Or maybe we could blast Beyonc√©‘s “Single Ladies” on repeat (again, done daily). But to REALLY, REALLY celebrate, we decided to share some of our favorite same-love music videos that honor same-sex marriage/relationships! Because there’s absolutely no better way to celebrate equality, love, joy, evolution, and a happy endings than by throwing a damn good dance party.

Watch our collection of favorite same-love videos after the jump!

Clearly we can’t start this celebration off without one of the most heartfelt and emotionally charged songs EVER written: “Same Love,” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. (We still well up with tears after watching this. Every. Single. Time.)

And, of course, it just wouldn’t be a proper party if we didn’t make a toast to Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” Cheers to equality for all!

Um, and what better way to honor true lurrrve than by doing some serious hip shaking to The Gossip’s “Men In Love”?

And, if you need another reminder of how beautiful marriage can be, no matter whom it’s between, check out Brett Every’s “What A Beautiful Day” featuring Belinda Crawford. And we thought only Pixar cartoons made us ugly cry.

Photo credit: Macklemore

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