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Weird News of The Day: Ed Sheeran Owns A Psy Mask! (PHOTO)

Weird News of The Day: Ed Sheeran Owns A Psy Mask! (PHOTO)

Ed Sheeran has a Psy mask!

Is Psy really just Ed Sheeran in disguise?

Is anyone else having trouble computing the above photo of Ed Sheeran holding a Psy mask? Ed’s like this tender/heartfelt/perfect acoustic guitar crooner, and Psy is, well, master of the “riding an imaginary pony sideways” dance. This combination DOES NOT COMPUTE! But what if this photo is some sort of unveiled conspiracy!? What if Psy has actually just been Ed Sheeran in a mask this whole time?! J/K, Sheerios! Kinda… (Ed and Psy are the sort of same height/ body shape. Just sayin’!)

Watch Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s “Everything Has Changed” music video after the jump.

The “Lego House” singer was photographed leaving a nightclub in London this past weekend holding a mask of the “Gangam Style” star’s face. Is Ed already tired of paparazzi-level fame now that he’s a HUMONGOUS big deal (he won MTV’s March Madness contest, he hung out with Hunter Hayes at the 2013 CMT Awards and he collabed with Taylor Swift on “Everything Has Changed“)? ORRR this is the next big trend for Fall 2013: wearing masks of famous people at da club? We’ve already ordered our very own Ed Sheeran mask just in case.

Watch Taylor Swift’s “Everything Has Changed” video featuring Ed Sheeran.

Photo credit: Splash News

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