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We Finally Get To See Pictures Of Adele’s Baby, Angelo James! (PHOTO)

We Finally Get To See Pictures Of Adele’s Baby, Angelo James! (PHOTO)

Meet Adele's baby, Angelo!

Hey, guess what time it is? TIME TO MEET ADELE’S BABY! 

OK, everyone. It’s time to relish in this historical photographic moment of Adele FINALLY showing the world her adorbz son, Angelo James! We swear we’re not becoming a baby blog or anything, but if we DID become a baby blog, we’d probably make Angelo our mascot. Because look at those perfect pinch-able cheeks and that bonnet and that outfit!! And look how Adele is showing the baby off to the other kids like, “This one right here, he’s your new ruler. NOW BOW DOWN.” (Actually, is anyone else having a solid Simba/”Lion King”/”Circle Of Life Moment” right now? Just us?)

After months of keeping her little bundle of joy incognito from the press, the “Set Fire To The Rain” singer unveiled eight-month-old Angelo in New York City at the Central Park Children’s Zoo. And while we’re totally content with seeing these pics, we’re kiiiinda looking forward to seeing some videos of the little Brit. Like, so we can listen to his coos and screams and gauge whether or not he’s a musical genius like his mother. (Not creepy at all…)

WAIT! Could you EVEN imagine if Angelo ended up being some sort of baby prodigy and could already sing?! We would be so obsessed with all that amazing cuteness! We’d even pay a gazillion dollars for tickets to see him perform live while wearing an itty-bitty onsie tuxedo and dress booties and… Ummm, ahem, OK, maybe we are becoming a baby blog…

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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