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Watch This All-Dog Version Of Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop’ Video!

Watch This All-Dog Version Of Miley Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop’ Video!

we can't stop dogs

Dogs twerk, do what they want, love who they want in this all-dog version of “We Can’t Stop.”

Just when I thought nothing could top Mayer Hawthorne’s dog-friendly “Her Favorite Song” video, Malty Cyrus (har) dropped an all-dog version of Miley Cyrus‘ magnum opus, “We Can’t Stop,” and it’s just as dog-gone debaucherous as Miley’s original, right down to some manner of Brussels Griffon twerkin’ next to a pool. Created by — a YouTube portal into a black hole of pet videos and, not coincidentally a site I feel speaks directly to my soul — “We Can Bar,” the all-dog-errythang version of “We Can’t Stop,” nailed it on the dogs-as-Miley details, which, by the way, is excellent since Miley Cyrus owns at least five dogs, I think, not that I’m counting, which I am.

Watch the dog version of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video after the jump.

Dogs with plush teddy bears strapped to their backs? Done. A dog eating a self-referencing bread-money sandwich? Of course! Stark Terry Richardson-referencing basement still shots that make me feel all sad and 1990s-Calvin Klein and Fiona Apple-y at the same time except in a confusing way now featuring dogs? Also done. A mildly if not very creepy CGI dog face singing along to the lyrics altered to reference dog parks and dog food?? Um yes. The untamed brilliance of the hyper-blatant EOS product placement, even! Dogs in mind-altered states doin’ what they want, lovin’ who they want? For sure. (Remember: these dogs, like Miley, JUST DON’T CARE.) Dog child star turned twerk queen who gives no f***s at any time? Yes. In the form of a Maltese. Watch these dogs twerk and maybe-maybe-not/ sorry-not-sorry sing about Molly. And if you’ll excuse moi, I’m off to think really hard about who wore a giant teddy bear better, actual Miley Cyrus or the dog version of Miley Cyrus.

+ Watch “We Can Bark,” the all-dog version of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.”

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