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Watch Selena Gomez Adorably Freak Out Over Her First No. 1 Single! (VIDEO)

Watch Selena Gomez Adorably Freak Out Over Her First No. 1 Single! (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez's "Come & Get It" went to No. 1!

Selena Gomez has earned her first No. 1 record! YAY!

With all the crazed Selenators in the world, it’s hard to believe that Selena Gomez has only JUST gotten her first Top 40 No. 1 record. (“Love You Like A Love Song“?? Really?? That didn’t make it to No. 1??) That being said, Sel’s “Come & Get It” FINALLY hit the No. 1 mark, and thankfully, some dude with a bass-heavy voice (perhaps Sel’s manager??) was there to capture the epic moment on film. So, filmmaker — whoever you are — THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Watch Selena Gomez’s reaction to her first No. 1 record after the jump.

Shot in what looks like a hotel room, Selena’s DIY video shows a deep-voiced guy handing a phone the new big sister, who takes one look and realizes that she’s looking at HER name at the top of the charts! After absorbing the mind-boggling information, Sel proceeds to go through a vast range of emotions: shocked, giggly, #emo, shedding a tear, and realizing she still has a tag on her T-shirt. Naturally.

After watching her initial “OMG!!!” reaction, we cut to a teary-eyed Selena thanking her Selenators, her label, and all radio stations for helping her get to this point. Aaaand it’s time to say “goodbye” to our AM mascara application and “hello” to a headache and puffy eyes for the rest of the day. Mazel tov, Sel! We were ready, and we came and got it! (Sorry, been dying to throw that one in this whole time.)

+ Watch Selena Gomez react to her first No. 1 record.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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