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Watch Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Punched by John Frusciante in New Video


In the lighthearted video for new single, "Running Away," Omar Rodriguez-López presents bouquets of flowers to famous friends, who return the favor by punching him square in the jaw. John Frusciante, the Melvins' Buzz Osborne, singer Teri Gender Bender (Lopez' bandmate in Bosnian Rainbows), artist Aura T-09, bassist Eva Gardner (Lopez' former bandmate in the Mars Volta), Tatiana Velazquez and photographer Robin Laananen each deliver a knock-out blow to the At The Drive-In guitarist.

The dreamy pop of "Running Away" is a highlight on Corazones, an album inspired by grieving after his mother's death. "It was a really interesting process to go through," he recently told Rolling Stone. "And the difficult part came when everything I turned in, they wanted it to be simpler and more straight-ahead, especially with the lyrics.

"For me, that was a huge challenge because emotionally you're writing a certain way that's particular to the images in your heart, but [simplifying things] really exposes you. But it was the best thing that could have happened to have to put it in black-and-white terms, and to be that exposed and that raw about it. It's almost like these childlike nursery rhymes."


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