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Watch Mac Miller Make A Turkey Sandwich Milkshake On ‘Afterschool Snack’ (VIDEO)

Watch Mac Miller Make A Turkey Sandwich Milkshake On ‘Afterschool Snack’ (VIDEO)

mac miller cooking

Don’t let the fact that his finger’s in his nose deter you from letting Mac Miller make you a turkey milkshake.

Mac Miller is many things: rapper, lyricist, star of his very own MTV2 show and star of “Wild ‘N’ Out.” He’s a fearless undercover superhero and a trippy explorer of space. He’s a man unafraid to pose naked on his own album cover (cop that Watching Movies With the Sound Off album, but turn the sound way up)But a chef Mac Miller is not.

Watch Mac Miller make a turkey sandwich milkshake after the jump.

Of course that didn’t stop us from giving him his own “Afterschool Snack” cooking segment. And that didn’t stop him from f***ing up a simple turkey sandwich royally in the best and most charmingly revolting way and in a way in which the Frick Park Market would never stand for. Turkey sandwich milkshake, anyone? Sure, whale semen probably isn’t kosher, and yes, turkey in your milkshake is just WAY too much protein, but take into consideration that Mac’s milkshake is totally portable for all of those times when it’s more convenient to drink your sandwich instead of carrying it. Try it. You might like it.

+ Watch Mac Miller whip up a turkey sandwich milkshake on Buzzworthy’s “Afterschool Snack,” and watch Mac perform “Somebody Do Something” live on “Wild ‘N’ Out.”

Photo credit: Colin Gray/ MTV

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