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Watch Liam Payne Play Choreographer In One Direction’s ‘Best Song Ever’ Teaser! (VIDEO)

Watch Liam Payne Play Choreographer In One Direction’s ‘Best Song Ever’ Teaser! (VIDEO)

Watch One Direction's "Best Song Ever" trailer.

Liam Payne gets an ’80s makeover in One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” teaser.

Another day, another One DirectionBest Song Ever” teaser! We’ve been waiting for the boys’ upcoming single, “Best Song Ever,” to surface for what FEELS like ever (not to mention their upcoming film, This Is Us, out Aug. 30). And while the song officially drops next Monday, July 22, 1D HAS kept us well-distracted with a number of cheeky teasers. For example, we saw Niall Horan do a good “corporate exec” impression in the band’s “Six Days To Go” teaser, and now, in their latest clip, we’re LOL-ing on the floor over Liam Payne’s sweatsuit-wearing, Richard Simmons-channeling choreographer makeover. Is it us, or does Liam REALLY know how to werque an ’80s sweatsuit?

See Liam Payne’s “Best Song Ever” makeover after the jump.

For the boys’ newest teaser, Liam has morphed into “Leeroy,” a headbanded, leg warmer-wearing choreographer, who we’re pretty sure we recognize from Kylie Minogue‘s “The Locomotion” video. Or Olivia Newton-John‘s “Physical” video. Anyway. All we know for sure is that this teaser may or may not contain some excellent behind-the-scenes footage of a) Liam acting like an adorable, ambiguously gay trainer and b) the rest of the band filming what looks like it could be “Best Song Ever”‘s music video. We dunno! I mean, we certainly haven’t already heard “Best Song Ever,” or anything. Because “Best Song Ever” DEFINITELY hasn’t leaked… (Read: It did leak. Womp.) We know nothing! Just show us more Liam in a jumpsuit, K?

+ Watch One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” teaser.

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