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Watch Brittany Snow’s Bright, Romantic Video for Jai Wolf’s ‘Indian Summer’


Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow is flexing her skills as a director with the bright, romantic new clip for Jai Wolf's "Indian Summer." The track was the producer's debut single, which was released in June of last year.

In the clip, a boy and a girl fall in love from afar at a party. Over the course of the night, the pair are more and more drawn together, finally kissing at the end. "I wanted to create an experience that people could relate to and yet also get lost in," Snow tells Rolling Stone. "The nostalgia of youth, the simple story of seeing your crush at a party, all the while showing the innovation of the Gemio Band."

The light-up wristbands are an important aspect of the clip, with the lights growing brighter as the boy and his crush get closer to finally linking up. Snow partnered with Gemio for not just the video but for her non-profit Love Is Louder, which she co-founded. The wristband company is helping spread the word of the movement to help aid people feeling mistreated or neglected and "support our work to find ways to use their technology to make us feel more connected," Snow reveals.


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