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Watch Beyonce Perform ‘Standing On The Sun’ Live In Antwerp! (VIDEO)

Watch Beyonce Perform ‘Standing On The Sun’ Live In Antwerp! (VIDEO)

Watch Beyonce perform "Standing On The Sun."

Watch Beyoncé perform “Standing On The Sun” live in Antwerp! 

Ever since we first saw Beyoncé werque and twerk in her H&M commercial, we’ve been a little, how shall we say, EXTREMELY INTO the idea of hearing her upcoming jam “Standing On The Sun” in full. And now, in the interest of making our dreams come true, Beyoncé recently unleashed the full version of her new track (kinda) when she performed it live during her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” stopover in Antwerp.

Watch Beyoncé perform “Standing On The Sun” live after the jump.

The probably not-pregnant singer took the stage to perform her new song, and let’s just say that the only thing better than seeing Beyoncé twirl around in a bikini is seeing Beyoncé flutter about in a long red dress (kind of like the burning sun!? Get it??) while singing “I can’t deny your desire/ Feel like I’m on fire/ When you touch me/ I feel the flame.” And to top off her performance (brace yourselves folks), Bey broke out into a slick, quick rap verse! (Because hip-hop king Jay-Z is her hubby, obviously.)

OK, so as much as we love watching Beyoncé doing ANYTHING on stage, now all we can think about is hearing the full studio version of “Standing On The Sun”! Because between that, “Grown Woman,” her “Turnt” cameo, her cover of Amy Winehouse‘s “Back To Black,” her contribution to the Epic soundtrack, “Rise Up,” and her verse in Kelly Rowland‘s “You’ve Changed,” Bey could totally just up and release a brand-new studio album. Whatever, we’re desperate here. DON’T JUDGE.

+ Watch Beyoncé perform “Standing On The Sun” live.

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