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Wait, Is Throwing Underwear At Lana Del Rey A Thing Now? (PHOTO)

Wait, Is Throwing Underwear At Lana Del Rey A Thing Now? (PHOTO)

Someone threw a pair of underwear at Lana Del Rey!

Yes, Lana Del Rey IS holding a pair of underwear (not hers).

At first we were all, “Nooo, that couldn’t be a pair of underwear in Lana Del Rey‘s hand!” Then, upon further hard-hitting Internet research, we soon learned that SOME FAN DID IN FACT THROW HER UNDERWEAR AT LANA MID-CONCERT. Is this is a thing we’re doing at Lana concerts now? Did we sleep through that memo like we slept through most of 10th grade and a fair part of 11th? Also: WHY CAN’T PEOPLE JUST KEEP THEIR UNDERWEAR ON AT CONCERTS!? Ill, y’all!

The “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” singer was snapped holding her newly gifted underwear while performing in Dublin. And amazingly enough, she wasn’t even mad about it! Nope, Lana just continued to sing while twirling the fresh pair and looking, well, young and beautiful. (Anyone else thinking: OMG!?! EW!!) And while we get that boy bands and rock bands often get “pantied” by their fans (One Direction even have rules about what they can and can’t do with fan-thrown underwear), we were actually surprised that Lana would get bombarded with the same unmentionables. If anything, we’d expect her to get pelted with things like lipsticks, vintage records, and copies of Godard’s “Contempt.” Well, at least the offender thought to shoot a lacy number onstage. It could have been waaay worse — like, Lana could have been smacked in the face with some bro’s sweaty, Swiss cheese-holed tighty whities.

Photo credit: WENN

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