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Video Premiere: Terraplane Sun, ‘Get Me Golden’

Video Premiere: Terraplane Sun, ‘Get Me Golden’

Terraplane Sun channel the Stones in their new clip, "Get Me Golden"

Terraplane Sun channel the Stones in their new video, “Get Me Golden.”

If you need inspiration for your band’s next music video, then you could do a lot worse than channeling The Rolling Stones. That’s rock and roll in its most original sense, and it’s drawn from perfectly in Venice, Cali. rockers Terraplane Sun’s “Get Me Golden” video, a clip that harkens back to the glory days of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Well, most of that, anyway.

Watch Terraplane Sun’s “Get Me Golden” video after the jump.

While the video itself is an homage to The Stones’ “Jumping Jack Flash” (dig frontman Ben Rothbard’s Jagger-esque face paint), the song’s Motown-tinged stomp, horn passages, and whirling organ undercurrent draw a thread from the band’s au courant, sunny, and optimist rock vibes to the raw rock of the ’60s.

The band themselves call what they do “blues indie rock folk dance soul,” which may sound like a pretty wide umbrella, but it makes sense when it all comes together in “Get Me Golden.” “I wanted to make this a very classic, somewhat vintage-based band, where all the tones were kind of timeless, and let the songs do their thing,” Rothbard told us. To that end, Terraplane Sun use every tool in their vintage instrument chest, like a harmonica, lap steel, accordion, trombone, and mandolin. “It would be very hard to create this sound with other players. The wide range of musical influences has melded into this unique collective unit,” guitarist Johnny Zambetti said.

“Currently, I feel that there’s a void in popular music for a five-piece rock band where every member brings something unique to the table and is recognized for it,” Zambetti said. “Five guys playing five instruments found in basically every garage practice room in America, each instrument as integral to the makeup of the song as the next. I always love hearing fans say ‘You guys sound just like the record.’ It’s because we’re playing the exact instruments that are on the record, and you can go home and do it too!”

You hear that? Rock and roll dreams are within your reach! Next up, writing a song as catchy as “Get Me Golden.”

“I woke up at 5 a.m. with the organ line in my head and went straight to my little home studio and laid it down. Johnny came down shortly after, and we turned it into a song. Once the boys added their groove to it, the damage was done. [“Get Me Golden”] is heavily Motown-inspired as far as the way it moves and its upbeat nature. Lyrically it’s about getting after what you want and not stopping till you get it.”

Rothbard said that’s a lesson the band took to heart themselves. “We learned quickly as a band that this industry wasn’t going to give us a thing and if we wanted to survive in it; we were going to have to earn it. We appreciate every little accomplishment that much more when we get it. This song has in many ways allowed us to continue.”

Sounds like something the Stones might’ve said. “We have a tremendous respect for the Stones and the path they have paved for rock and roll,” Rothbard continued. “This is our way of showing appreciation for what they’ve done and continue to do. Their relevance is unrivaled.”

+ Watch Terraplane Sun’s “Get Me Golden” video.

Photo credit: Mark Maryanovich

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