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Video Premiere: Saints of Valory, ‘Neon Eyes’ (Lyric Video)

Video Premiere: Saints of Valory, ‘Neon Eyes’ (Lyric Video)

Watch Saints Of Valory's "Neon Eyes" lyric video.

Saints Of Valory set up shop in the desert in their “Neon Eyes” lyric video.

If you ask arena rockers Saints Of Valory how they met, you’ll be in for a good story. Each band member is from a different part of the world: frontman Gavin Jasper comes from Brazil, guitarist Godfrey Thomson is a West Coaster (ie. California), drummer Gerard Bouvier is French, and keyboardist Stephen Buckle is from Canada. Come to think of it, we’re actually a little shocked the band’s not called “The United Nations.” Talk about “world music,” ya know? (Except not, because their sincere radio rock vibe couldn’t be further from the aforementioned genre.)

After joining forces in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, y’all) in 2009, Saints Of Valory REALLY took off after relocating to Austin, Tex., where they played multiple SXSW festivals and independently released their debut EP, The Bright Lights. Now, the boys are prepping a brand-new EP on F-Stop/Atlantic Records called Possibilities, and have just unleashed a ridiculously anthemic, radio-friendly lyric video, “Neon Eyes.” Like, seriously, get out your lighters.

Watch Saints Of Valory’s “Neon Eyes” lyric video after the jump.

Produced by Joe Chicarelli, “Neon Eyes” kicks off with echoing modern-rock guitar reminiscent of U2 and/or Kings Of Leon, before evolving into a VERY Coldplay-ish “whoa-oh-oh” drum-fueled breakdown. As for the track’s splendid lyric video, the words float down across the screen at odd angles in front of stormy, mountainous setting. Accompanying the tundra-ish backdrop is a makeshift collection of odds and ends: a drum set, some strung-up lights, a few chairs, an amp, etc. Totally the perfect setting for an impromptu summer show, except that, well, this doesn’t look very summery. In fact, it looks like the calm before the Thirty Seconds To Mars‘ storm-chasing “Conquistador” lyric video. But something tells us Saints Of Valory wouldn’t be too upset with that comparison.

Look out for Saints Of Valory’s Possibilities EP when it drops July 9.

+ Watch Saints Of Valory’s “Neon Eyes” lyric video.

Photo credit: Josh Fletcher

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