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Video Premiere: Johnny Stimson, ‘Human Man’

Video Premiere: Johnny Stimson, ‘Human Man’

Watch Johnny Stimson's "Human Man" video.

Johnny Stimson imagines a machine-driven apocalypse in his “Human Man” video.

Don’t you hate it when silver-eyed cyborgs attack your city, interrupt your favorite radio show, and chase you through the streets à la Agent Smith vs. Neo in “The Matrix”? Or when they threaten to bring you into the fold like “Star Trek”‘s communism-gone-terribly-wrong species, The Borg? None of those scenarios sound even remotely appealing, but leave it to NYC pop player Johnny Stimson‘s new video, “Human Man,” to turn a terrifying robot takeover into something stylish — like, something resembling “Run Lola Run” meets “Aeon Flux” meets “The Terminator.”

Watch Johnny Stimson’s “Human Man” video after the jump.

Directed by Xavi Medina, “Human Man” kicks off with a purple-haired protagonist frantically turning radio dials, presumably to find her local indie rock station, but all she receives is the following message: “Music broadcasts have been suspended. All humans must report to their local check-in station. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination.” Uh-oh.

“Everybody’s a machine,” sings Johnny from a rooftop, which is Purple Hair’s cue to RUN, FORREST LOLA, RUN!! As she races through a deserted-looking NYC, the girl bumps into several zombie-like cyborg guys, who, judging by their ice-cold stare, must be Class A enemies. Problem is, the cyborgs are everywhere — they’re on the Williamsburg Bridge, under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and they’re in the subway tunnels — everywhere, it seems, but Johnny’s rooftop-turned-performance space.

Eventually, our heroine finds Johnny, and believing herself safe, gives him a kiss. Whew! But like all zombie/cyborg/robot movies, you’re only “safe” for so long. We won’t spoil the ending, but we would recommend brushing up on your cyborg/zombie apocalypse survival skills.

Check out Johnny Stimson’s “Human Man” video below, then get familiar with his entire Human Man EP, dropping today.

+ Watch Johnny Stimson’s “Human Man” video.

Photo credit: David Paul Larson

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