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Video Premiere: Alexz Johnson, ‘Nothin’ On Me’

Video Premiere: Alexz Johnson, ‘Nothin’ On Me’

Alexz Johnson goes back to basics in her "Nothin' On Me" video.

Alexz Johnson hits the studio in her “Nothin’ On Me” video.

First, can we just remind you that folk-pop singer Alexz Johnson was on “Smallville,” so, like, NEED WE SAY MORE? Regardless, we will say more, because there’s so much to say about this Canadian songstress. Alexz began her career as a teen pop singer and actress, first on Disney Channel’s “So Weird” and later on the Canadian TV show “Instant Star.” As she navigated through the fame world, Alexz swapped her initial bubblegum vibe for a more organic, folk-y feel, and the result is certainly best seen in her haunting and moving “Nothin’ On Me” video.

Watch Alexz Johnson’s “Nothin’ On Me” video after the jump.

In her “Nothin’ On Me” video, the “Walking” singer and her band hit up a studio where Alexz performs the track live. Shot in beautiful black-and-white, the unadorned clip leaves ample room for the viewer to focus on Alexz’s gritty vocals — and listen to the record’s poignant lyrics: “Bricks and mortar/ Break the chain/ ‘Cause in the end/ It’s got nothin’ on me.” There’s no question that Alexz is the real deal. So, we recommend that instead of hitting da clurrb tonight, just throw on this video, open a bottle of merlot, and chill OUT. Preferably with your cat, if you have one.

+ Watch Alexz Johnson’s “Nothin’ On Me” video.

Photo credit: Jessica Earnshaw

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