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VH1’s ‘The Gossip Game’ Not Renewed For Second Season


By Tamara Palmer

“The Gossip Game,” VH1’s reality-based series following the lives of seven women working in the New York hip-hop media world that premiered on April 1, will reportedly not return for a second season.

In a blog post on her own, cast member Vivian Billings confirmed that the show isn’t coming back. She speculates that “our show never even had a chance” to survive two time changes that favored the network’s two Monday night hit series: T.I.’s “A Family Hustle” and “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

“For starters, our original start time was 9pm and was pushed back to 9:30 because T.I.’s ‘A Family Hustle’ was a family show and coming on at 10 o’clock while most families are getting ready for bed was #NOBueno,” she writes. “Then we were pushed back to 11pm (which I never understood why that happened) because ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ was coming back to our TV screens and they HAD to repeat that show twice along with T.I.’s show before they even aired our show.”

Troi Torain, better known as radio personality Star made several appearances on the show and also addresses the cancellation in the opening of his June 28 broadcast on his Shot97Radio YouTube channel: “The official email came down last night, cancelled,” he says. “It’s not going to happen, season two, but thank you to everyone involved.” In related news, Star has also alluded on recent broadcasts that he may be cooking up a reality show of his own called “The Hater.”

While she hasn’t publicly commented on the show’s demise, cast member K. Foxx, who recently left her post at Hot 97’s morning show, tells Ebony that she didn’t care for the direction it took. The series caught some of her conflicts with the station’s program director Ebro Darden.

“There are definitely some other stories that could have been told, [such as] the actual work it takes to get our jobs done,” she says. “That’s what I thought it was going to be, but then it ended up being gossip about all of us. It was supposed to be about us and our work lives as opposed to our personal lives. It turned into a circus.”

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