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Um, Rihanna, We Can See Through Your Clothes! (PHOTO)

Um, Rihanna, We Can See Through Your Clothes! (PHOTO)


Rihanna has nothing to hide…literally.

Obvious fact alert: Rihanna ain’t the shy type. And we’re all well aware that she’s basically the queen of naked! (For the record, we’re not mad about either of these things.) So it must be tough for her to deal things like figuring out what to wear when it’s time to leave the house. Y’know, dealing with no public nudity laws and stuff. UGH! Social norms! But with this see-through outfit, it looks like RiRi’s getting more creative about public nudity law loopholes! It’s like, if she can’t be naked in public, she might as well do the next best thing! (Either that, or it’s laundry day and Ri fashioned an outfit out of an actual mesh laundry bag. #BeenThere)

Snapped leaving her London hotel, the “Stay” singer stepped out in a totally see-through, white ensemble (is she even wearing underwear, or….?!!). Technically, we can’t really see anything that specific through the 2013 MTV VMA nominee’s barely there wardrobe, but it doesn’t leave much to the imagination if you know what we’re sayin’! Between this and her teeny bikini collection, it’s like Rihanna constantly wants to remind us that she has NOT ONE SINGLE FLAW (annnd that we should probably be hitting the gym like, all day/errrday).  Also, now we’re wondering: Do London-based small businesses have the same “No Shirt, No Service” rules that we have in the States?? ‘Cause we truly do NOT know if this outfit makes the cut.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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