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The Buzz On: The Teen Age

The Buzz On: The Teen Age

Meet Brooklyn's garage-punk quintet The Teen Age.

Meet The Teen Age: Brooklyn’s doo wop-garage quintet.

What’s that they always say about Brooklyn 20-somethings? (Yep — here’s the “hot button” and there’s our finger pressing it.) If you ask the New York Times (on second thought, please don’t ask them), they’ll probably describe your 20s as a “second adolescence” or an “emerging adulthood.” Basically, those gosh-darned millennials are holding too tightly to adolescent activities, like Instagramming themselves to death and dating without cementing the faintest hope of a relationship. And for goodness sake, please don’t even mention the phrase “full-time job.” (Er, and you’ll excuse me if I don’t even mention the Times’ last visit to Brooklyn.)

But speaking of Brooklyn and all of its artsy 20-somethings, if anyone’s going to embrace the adolescence-into-post-adolescence double decade, we’re happy it’s NYC’s melodic indie/garage act The Teen Age.

Listen to The Teen Age after the jump.

Purposefully vague about their names (the band is simply Digo, Micah, Bill, John — no last names), The Teen Age formed a little over a year ago in a Brooklyn basement (where NYC bands go in lieu of garages). The Teen Age don’t have much material yet, but what they do have is a distinctly memorable single called “Ventura” — a satisfying crunch of Strokes-meets-Wavves garage guitars, Pulp-era-Jarvis Cocker vocals, and a dance party-ready chorus. “Ventura” also comes with a DIY-chic video, featuring grainy black-and-white footage of the troupe rocking out in — what else? — a basement.

Gritter still, The Teen Age’s first-ever single, “Evil,” doesn’t sound anything like Interpol‘s slick song of the same name. Instead, the fuzzy, distortion-packed track features the band’s lead singer growling, “She was only 19/ But she had a way with words” and “Am I evil/ Or just in love?” Hmmm, we’re guessing those two took the less adolescent/”second-adolescent” route and didn’t meet on OKCupid.

Rediscover (or hold on to, as the case may be) your youth at The Teen Age’s next show on June 16 at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn.

+ Listen to The Teen Age.

+ Watch The Teen Age’s “Ventura” video.

Photo credit: The Teen Age’s Facebook

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