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The Buzz On: Chris Batson

The Buzz On: Chris Batson

Meet our new favorite, 21-year-old LA. based singer/songwriter, Chris Batson.

Meet Chris Batson. We’re obsessed with him.

It’s been a minute since we’ve been, like, THIS LEVEL excited about a new artist. But we’re thrilled to say that 21-year-old L.A.-based singer/songwriter/producer/rapper Chris Batson has taken us there, and then some. Anyone who does LITERALLY ANYTHING musical had better watch their backs, you know?

Listen to Chris Batson after the jump.

A heady combination of poignant lyrics, a sultry voice, and — dare we say it — a dash of R&B-tinged-Bon Iver-ish production (listen to Chris’ song “Windows” and tell us we aren’t right!), Chris has already put out two EPs, and dude’s only 21 years old! The first, a collaboration with Khleo Thomas, After Everything Fades, helped him get signed to BMG (mazel tov!), and the second, We Got Lost Along The Way, “focuses on the emotional side of a journey,” according to Chris.

Producing all but ONE track on his new release, songs like “Passenger Seat” show Baston’s softer side, as his gritty-yet-colorful vocals recount the tale of a sad night: “I can barely think right now/ Let alone drive home/ Guess I’m meant to be alone/ I’m blue/ I’m blue.” Emotional, musical, great with words. Ladies, snatch this one up quick. Also, how could you not be fully on board anyone who does their part to resurrect the phrase “I’m blue.” (‘Cause y’all know THAT hasn’t been in vogue since the days of Eiffel 65!)

Listen to Chris Batson, and get a free download of his EP, We Got Lost Along The Way.

Photo credit: Christian Padron

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