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The Buzz On: Cheerleader

The Buzz On: Cheerleader

The Buzz On: Cheerleader

Now introducing: indie-haze duo Cheerleader.

If the season’s first post-Memorial Day heat wave indicates anything, it’s that summer is definitely coming (even if it won’t technically be here for another few weeks). And now that we’re waist-deep in the sticky throws of warm weather, aka that honeymoon period before we get too overheated, we’re obviously going to need the perfect soundtrack for our “Backyard Beer ‘N’ Mason Jars” parties. Aaaand that would be our cue to introduce Philly-based indie-haze outfit Cheerleader, an act so fresh off the boat that even your cursed I’ve-heard-of-EVERYONE music friend will be all, “Who?”

Listen to Cheerleader after the jump.

Childhood friends from Hartford, Conn., Joe Haller and Chris Duran recently reconnected after college to form Cheerleader (which we’re guessing would probably make anyone‘s first postcollege summer WAY more fun). After hanging out for a bit in their hometown, Joe and Chris ended up relocating to Philadelphia, where they put the finishing touches on three demo tracks (recorded in the boys’ apartment) and introduced their new material just last week at Pianos in NYC.

Playing a charming mix of lo-fi guitar grunge, The Beach Boys‘ good vibes, and Wavves-inspired nonchalance, Cheerleader’s hazy, lazy dream-pop starts with “New Daze,” a Pixies-sounding guitar-driven track that later meanders into a cheerful, hand-clappy hook about opening up to new experiences: “Somebody says it’s all in your mind/ Open up, put your heart, put your heart on the line.”

Up next, “Dreamer” chimes in with sunny, clean-cut ’50s pop guitar strokes, before succumbing to a grand, romantic proclamation: “I see a dreamer in you.” Cheerleader close out the EP with “Do What You Want,” which is probably the group’s most radio-friendly track. It’s backed by steady rhythm guitar and optimistic whistles. The optimism ends there, however, as Cheerleader forlornly sing “If only yesterday/ I knew all that were today / and I can’t really say if anything would change/ would it be the same?” Ah, nothing like a little summertime existential crisis. Somebody book these guys a vacation!

+ Listen to Cheerleader.

Photo credit: Brianna Collins

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