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The Buzz On: Bad Things

The Buzz On: Bad Things

The Buzz On: Bad Things

Professional athlete Shaun White shows off his guitar chops in Bad Things.

Bad Things, you say? We can think of one thing that would be pretty high up on a collection of bad things: when professional athletes try their hand at music careers. At least that’s what we were thinking before listening to Bad Things, a new melodic rock band featuring guitar from snowboard and skating star Shaun White. But we were pleasantly surprised to find out that’s not the case at all. They totally should’ve called the band “Pretty Good Things.” Or “Not That Bad Things.”

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Considering White’s day job, you might be expecting high-octane punk or metal, or something well-suited for shredding (do they still call it shredding?). But instead of a rush down the mountain, songs like “Caught Inside” are more like a slow, scenic ride up the ski lift, building and building as the expanse of the rocky vista opens up before your eyes.

The Los Angeles band, which also includes singer Davis LeDuke, bass player Jared Palomar, guitarist Anthony Sanudo, and drummer Lena Zawaideh (the latter two grew up with White in San Diego), recently signed to Warner Bros. Records, and are currently working on their debut album with producer Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliot Smith).

The band have also just kicked off a tour, that brings them to Brooklyn tomorrow night, with dates in Philly, D.C., Boston, and more throughout the rest of the summer. Find tour dates and — hopefully coming soon — more music from the band here. And next time we see White, please remind us to ask him what’s scarier: facing down a ski jump, or a crowd full of people waiting for you to play songs you’ve poured your heart into. We bet the answer isn’t as easy as it seems.

+ Listen to Bad Things’ “Caught Inside.”

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

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