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The Big News in Milan


There was no shortage of good-looking people at a party for the Spring edition of Katie Grand ♥ Hogan, her seasonal capsule collection for the Italian label: Jonathan Saunders, Katie’s hubby Steve Mackey (who tag-teamed on the decks with Nathan Gregory Wilkins), a gaggle of models. But they were all dwarfed by Game of Thrones goddess Gwendoline Christie, who was so hands in the air on the dance floor that the Italians stood agog. They would, she’s 6′ 3″. Grand was in the center of it all, where she’d been since eight in the morning, talking up the new collection. “The Della Valles were particularly keen that I move into some sort of clothing, which I completely panicked about and thought, I can’t do this—that’s the realm of the geniuses I work with,” she said. But in addition to bags and shoes, Grand did end up doing two leather jackets. She promises they’ll “feel like a vintage jacket that you’ve had for twenty years.”

—Nicole Phelps

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