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Taylor Swift Shows Some Serious Leg On The Cover Of The Hollywood Reporter (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift Shows Some Serious Leg On The Cover Of The Hollywood Reporter (PHOTO)


T. Swift’s got limbs for days.

There’s no more eloquent way to say this, but Taylor Swift is a totally leggy lady! As in, she has the longest, most graceful swan-like limbs of all time! And yes, we’re aware we’ve already freaked out about this once, but can y’all blame us for being a little bit obsessed with Taylor’s stunning stems, recently featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s “25 Most Powerful Stylists” issue? Or, as we like to call it, “The Best Gams In Hollywood” issue? (We’re so creative, we know.)

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Although the “22” singer has just embarked on her “Red” tour, she is slaying the yellow game dead in that long, banana-colored frock. (Or is it mustard? Better consult the MTV Style girls.) And in case you’re wondering, that’s Tay’s stylist, Joseph Cassell, standing behind her! Seriously — this man does NOT get enough props! I mean, that lavender dress Taylor wore in her Parisian-themed “Begin Again” video? PERFECTION. The booty shorts and stripes she wore at her 2012 MTV VMA “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” performance? A WONDER! Also, let’s please not forget everything that went down in our “22” GIF wall. Gonna need Taylor’s hat like, yesterday. Now, excuse us as we dust off that gym membership and attempt to re-learn the Stairmaster…

Photo credit: The Hollywood Reporter

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