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Taylor Swift Is Still The Sweetest Pop Star There Is, Visits A Young Fan In The Hospital (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift Is Still The Sweetest Pop Star There Is, Visits A Young Fan In The Hospital (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift visits a young fan in the hospital.

Taylor Swift visits 11-year-old Lauren Hacker in the hospital. Excuse us… we need a tissue. 

In case you forgot (and if so, there’s the door), Taylor Swift is still the sweetest pop star on the PLANET. Sure, she’s got a gigantic “Red” tour to prepare for, a new video for “22” airing tomorrow on “Good Morning America,” countless press activities and functions, and adorable dresses and striped shirts to try on, but somehow she still finds time to give back to her Swifties. And that’s exactly what Taylor did when she visited 11-year-old Lauren Hacker in the hospital, a huge Taylor fan and budding musician who’s currently battling cancer. All together now: TAYLOR FOR PRESIDENT OF EVERYTHING GOOD AND PURE!

Rocking her trademark crimson lipstick (Red represent!), Taylor stopped by Omaha’s Children’s Hospital & Medical Center before her tour’s opening night to hang out with Lauren and her family. During her visit, Taylor chatted with Lauren and her parents, listened to Lauren perform on her keyboard (pictured above), and gave them a bunch of presents, including all kinds of autographs and guitar picks. In a statement, Lauren’s dad said, “It was like welcoming a new friend into our family and spending some time getting to know her. I was so focused on getting Taylor to meet Lauren to put a spark in Lauren and help her fight leukemia, but I had no idea she would inspire the whole family. She came at a perfect time for our all of us.” Seriously, good on Taylor! We know things have been a little sticky lately what with that whole weird overpublicized Tina Fey/Amy Poehler/Vanity Fair “going to hell” thing, but trust Ms. Swift to rise above, get to work, and give back. #Idol

Photo credit: Twitter

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