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Taylor Swift Danced Her Butt Off At The 2013 CMT Music Awards (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift Danced Her Butt Off At The 2013 CMT Music Awards (PHOTO)


Taylor Swift got DOWN at the 2013 CMT Music Awards!

Taylor Swift is usually the epitome of composure and grace. That is, of course, when she’s not making an “OMFG did I just win something? Little old me?” face and/or getting her GROOVE on while sitting in the audience at the 2013 CMT Music Awards. We knew Tay was into dancing onstage (see her “22” performance at the 2013 Billboard Awards), but offstage? Well, judging by the above photo, that’s clearly where she does her most inspired rump-shaking!

Taylor, who also took the CMT Awards stage to perform “Red,” was snapped in a full-on dance blackout at tonight’s award show. And we have to say, it’s kind of, erhhhmmm, hard to dance to country music with all the bopping and jangling that’s going on, so we’ve gotta give props to Taylor for A) finding the rhythm like a pro and B) voluntarily choosing to stand up in her presumably VERY HIGH STILETTOS. Like, the girl actually chose to dance in skinny seven-inch toothpicks. #Dedication.

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Photo credit: Getty

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