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Tanned, Shirtless Harry Styles + Niall In A Tank Top? YAY! Zayn Malik Smoking? BOO! (PHOTO)

Tanned, Shirtless Harry Styles + Niall In A Tank Top? YAY! Zayn Malik Smoking? BOO! (PHOTO)

Harry Styles is shirtless on a boat!

Please hold:We’re busy memorizing One Direction’s Harry Styles’ shirtless body.

While we’re celebrating summer by jumping through a lawn sprinkler in our parents’ backyard (anybody got a pool they can invite us to? ANYBODY?!), the boys of One Direction are whooping up the season on a GIGANTIC yacht. Yep, that means somewhere along the coast of Miami there was recently a boat filled with shirtless, sweaty boy band heartthrobs. Go ahead and calculate whether you can physically swim that far out in to sea in time for 1D’s next excursion, but we’ll just be over here marveling at Harry’s shimmery, sun-kissed glow and totally naked chest. (Thank you, UV rays.)

Check out more photos of One Direction whooping up summer after the jump!

Niall Horan vacations with One Direction on a boat.

Niall Horan wore a sleeveless shirt  — THANK YOU, SUMMER!

As you may remember, summer officially began when we caught Harry Styles sans shirt, but it ain’t no party until alll the “Kiss You” singers are rocking summer living. And while we ain’t mad at 1D for getting all kinds of tan, rocking sleeveless garments (Niall’s biceps ARE EXPOSED!), or even grabbing their own butts (hey, if we were Liam Payne, we’d grab our own butt ALL THE TIME), but we we would trade it ALL in if only Zayn Malk would FINALLY quit smoking. We don’t care if he’s in one the most famous bands in the world — a chunky smoker’s cough is still totally gross. (Sorry for using the word “chunky,” but desperate times, you know?)

One Direction's Liam Payne and Zayn Malik take a summer boat trip.

Liam Payne grabbing his own butt still doesn’t distract us from that fact that Zayn Malik SMOKES. Blech.

Photo credit: Splash News

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