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Tahiry Punched Consequence To Defend Joe Budden, Jen The Pen Just Screams


There’s been some tension brewing between Joe Budden and Consequence for some time now and it finally spilled over into a physical altercation during the “Love & Hip Hop” NY reunion taping this week. Cons and Joe shared their version of events on Twitter, and on Thursday morning Tahiry dialed into Hot 97 to confirm that she definitely threw a fist at Consequence after he sucked punched Joe.

“They were switching the set, we walked right past [Consequence], then out of nowhere, I feel somebody over my head just hit Joey in the head,” she explained. “Joey was rushed to the other side of the room by like eight security and Consequence was then running back but they forgot about Tahiry so I caught a good one.”

Of course we’re curious whether or not she got in a solid hit, but she wasn’t really sure, adding,  “It was probably a girly-girl punch that him him straight in the face.”

Joe and Tahiry haven’t been in a relationship for a minute, but she says that she would’ve defended whoever she was walking with. “It’s human nature. You can’t just attack people and not expect people to react,” she said. “I’m walking with whoever and you’re my dude, you are around me, then it’s either all or nothing. That’s just how I am.”

Meanwhile WSHH obtained a video of the altercation spilling outside of the studio. Cons’ lady Jen The Pen can be heard screaming at the top of her lungs and threatening to call the cops while security guards try to rescue her man from the hands of Joe’s crew. Strangely enough, Consequence is smiling as this all goes down.

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