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SURPRISE! Taylor Swift Is Surprised At The 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards! (PHOTO)

SURPRISE! Taylor Swift Is Surprised At The 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards! (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift's surprised face is back!

SURPRISE! Taylor Swift is surprised at the 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards!

Many pop stars have their own versions of Taylor Swift‘s famous “Swifty Surprise” face (see: Niall Horan’s, Carly Rae Jepsen’s, and Katy Perry’s), but there’s just nothing like watching the master at work. Take, for example, Taylor’s latest surprised face at the 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards: Notice how her expression isn’t just about the gaping “OMG!” mouth, but she’s also incorporating an incredibly sexy stare. Aaaaand that completes this week’s “How To Be Flawless Like Taylor Swift” lesson! In our next session, we’ll learn how to master Taylor’s effortless hair flip.

The “Everything Has Changed” singer was snapped looking in total awe at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto (and not to mention AWEsome in that bandage dress). We wonder what moment at the award show got Taylor looking so surprised? Perhaps it was when she won the Favorite International Artist Award? Or maybe she was in utter disbelief at Demi Lovato’s TWO stellar performances? Or maybe she got to see International Video Of The Year winner Avril Lavigne‘s engagement ring in person! Orrr maybe Taylor just threw her surprised expression out there as a reminder that she still OWNS that look! (No, seriously, when is she gonna get a trademark on that ish?)

Photo credit: Getty Images

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