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Suicide’s Martin Rev Announces New Solo LP ‘Demolition 9’


Suicide‘s Martin Rev has announced his new album Demolition 9, the keyboardist’s first solo LP since 2009 and his first new music since the death of his longtime bandmate Alan Vega in July 2016.

Rev also unveiled two tracks from the 34-song collection: “Now” features a cacophonous, reverberating blend of thundering drums and droning synths, while “In Our Name” is an abrasive alchemy of industrial rock featuring bursts of Rev’s disembodied, burnt-out vocals.

Demolition 9, Rev’s first album since 2009’s Stigmata, is due out May 26th via Atlas Realisations.

Suicide was ranked 13 on Rolling Stone’s 2015 list of The Greatest Duos of All Time. “Dressed like glam-rock hoods, Vega intoned free-formsketches of New York street life accompanied by his partner’s revved-upindustrial keyboard grooves,” we wrote. “Recorded at punk’s ’77 peak, Suicide andits 1980 follow-up, Suicide: Alan Vega and Martin Rev, arethrobbing reflections of the duo’s confrontational live performances, duringwhich Vega would punctuate his rockabilly twang with slashes of a motorcyclechain.”

Demolition 9 Track List

1. “Stickball”
2. “Salve Dominus”
3. “Deus”
4. “Pace”
5. “My Street”
6. “Te Amo”
7. “Into the Blue”
8. “Requiem”
9. “Now”
10. “Blayboy”
11. “In Our Name”
12. “Never Mind”
13. “Vision of Mari”
14. “Warning”
15. “Salvame”
16. “Dies Irae”
17. “RBL”
18. “Venitas”
19. “Stretch”
20. “Creation”
21. “Toi”
22. “Piéta”
23. “It’s Time”
24. “Tacha’s Toy”
25. “Back to Philly”
26. “Stelle”
27. “Inside Out”
28. “Beatus”
29. “Tuba”
30. “Réve”
31. “Concrete”
32. “She”
33. “Darling”
34. “Excelsis”

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