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Styles P, Raheem Devaughn Drop Trayvon Martin Tribute ‘Trigga Man’

Styles P, Raheem Devaughn Drop Trayvon Martin Tribute ‘Trigga Man’

Artists’ early reactions to Trayvon Martin shooting)

By Nakiya Morgan

‘Did you ever stop to think, that I coulda been a teacher, a preacher or play power forward?” Celebrities have not been afraid to share their thoughts on the not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin trail and now artists are turning to music so that their messages can be heard. Following in the footsteps of Young Jeezy and Wyclef Jean, who recently released tributes to Trayvon, Raheem DeVaughn and Styles P team up on “Trigga Man.”

The soulful track starts off with an excerpt from President Barack Obama’s statement following the verdict in which he stated “…If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon Martin.” Raheem then proceeds to call George Zimmerman an “assassinator,” a “murdering coward” and a “dream killer.”

“I’m supposed to be in the year book. I’m supposed to be king at the prom. Maybe even get a full ride for an education. What a price to pay for a walk to the store. Left for dead like an animal, you’re a coward and a criminal,” sings Raheem as if he were the slain teen.

Styles P also drops a heart-felt verse that highlights the issue of race within the trial. “They gon’ treat you different if you ain’t got the same skin. And that element is wack and the sad sh– about it is the President is black,” he rhymes. The tribute comes to an end with a news recording about Florida teen, Jordan Davis who was shot to death last year because he was playing his music “too loudly” at a gas station.


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