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Star Spotting: Will The Real Austin Mahone Please Stand Up!? (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Will The Real Austin Mahone Please Stand Up!? (PHOTO)

Wait, there are three Austin Mahones?!

Which is the real Austin Mahone?

We’re not staring at this photo because we’re trying to figure out which Austin Mahone is real (DUH, the middle one). We’re actually ogling because we wish there were three IRL Austins! Can you just imagine if Austin was a sibling of triplets and all three of them turned out to be pop stars with perfect bed head? Mahomies, that means you’d have THREE times the chance to meet Austin, and wouldn’t necessarily have to brawl with Austin’s celebrity crush, Mila Kunis! Sigh… Well, unfortunately there’s just one Austin… for now. (Excuse us while we do some research on heartthrob cloning — ANY DAY NOW, SCIENTISTS.)

The “What About Love” singer shared his cardboard cutout photo on Instagram along with the caption, “At my first licensing show @ the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas..Im at the Global Merchandise booth..Come say Hi!!(:” Wait! Does this mean we can BUY Austin cardboard cutouts?! (Ahem, hear that, Miley Cyrus?) That’s kinda like getting an Austin clone of our own! OK, sure, faux Austins don’t even compare to the real thing (you can’t have a pie-eating contest with cardboard), but it’s better than spooning those pictures of him on your computer… right!?

Photo credit: @austinmahone

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