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Star Spotting: We’ve Missed Miley Cyrus Taking Pictures With Her Dogs! (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: We’ve Missed Miley Cyrus Taking Pictures With Her Dogs! (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus shares a snuggle session with her dog Floyd on Twitter.

Yahhh!! Miley Cyrus is sharing dog pictures again!

We’re hardly complaining about Miley Cyrus candidly sharing photos of her personal life, like solo fashion shows, collabo hangouts, unicorn onesie twerks, and her latest “hobbies.”  In fact, we basically refresh her Twitter and Instagram every 3 seconds so we can live vicariously through her! But honestly, there’s NOTHING we love more than a classic Miley-dog-snuggle photo. And that used to happen all the time (see: this, this, and this), but then she stopped because she changed her mind about posting too much “personal” stuff. Well, PUH-RAISE for a change of heart, ’cause Miley’s dog pics are back!!!!!!!! (We realize we’re waaayyy too excited about this news, but CAN WE LIVE?)

The Cyrus 2.0 cover model has been super busy tempting us with teasers for her forthcoming “We Can’t Stop” video and having impromptu twerking attacks, but she still makes plenty of time for a puppy cuddle sessions, and even shared the most recent snuggle on Twitter along with the caption, “treehouse w floydy.”

Now, while we’re LOVING the fact that Miley still has a treehouse as an adult (SO JEALOUS), we’re also kinda living for her dog training style. See, most dog owners train their dogs to sit or fetch, but it’s pretty clear that Miley has taught her dog to give a sexy stare. (Floyd NAILED it.) Now, excuse us while we spend the next hour petting our computer screen.

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus

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