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Star Spotting: Taylor Swift WOULD Spend Her Day Off Watching ‘Titanic’ With Her Cat


Of COURSE Taylor Swift watches romantic movies with her cat. BECAUSE IT’S TAYLOR.

In case you haven’t heard, our new hobby is stalking pop stars’ Vine videos. First, we shared Instagram DOMINATOR Joe Jonas’ sweet Vine moment, and now we are LIVING for Taylor Swift‘s latest addition to the social media craze: a real-life look into her day off from being super famous! And just for the record, Taylor’s downtime consists of watching “Titanic” with her adorbz cat, Meredith. Hey, welcome to your new time suck! (Don’t tell anyone, but we’ve been doing this every Saturday since forever. We just never filmed/shared it because, well, #UglyCrier.)

Sure, the “Everything Has Changed” singer has enough money to do whatever the eff she wants on her day off, but since she’s the most down-to-earth person ever, Taylor opted for a night in to cozy up with (and cry to) one of the most romantic films ever. And while we’re totally enjoying the kitty cameo, we’re kinda hoping Taylor starts using Vine to give IRL tutorials on “How to do the Swifty Surprise face”! She could even film it as a step-by-step! Like, “Step 1: Make this face when you win ALL THE AWARDS. Step 2: …” Well, there is no step two, because no one wins more than Taylor. Luckily, Vine videos are short.

Photo credit: Taylor Swift’s Vine

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