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Star Spotting: Soft-Focus Austin Mahone FOR THE WIN (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Soft-Focus Austin Mahone FOR THE WIN (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone's hunkiness glows in his most recent pic from Instagram.

Austin Mahone looks good in any light, but soft focus REALLY works for him!

Not sure if you heard, but Instagram added a new filter called “Heartthrob Glow.” J/K! But seriously, that filter needs to be a real thing, and Instagram should use this flawless photo of Austin Mahone as their inspiration. This pic is also THE perfect example of how soft lighting can be your best friend. See how the right angle and highlights makes Austin look even younger?! Now, excuse us while we cancel our appointment at Glamour Shots, because there’s just no use in competing with this masterpiece.

The “What About Love” singer shared the angelic-looking photo on Instagram, further proving that he is in fact the most photogenic bro on the planet. But really, are you that surprised? We’re talking about the guy who wakes up with bed head so perfectly coiffed that he could score unlimited pomade spokesmen gigs in seconds. He’s also the guy who looks adorbz to-the-max at airports, with pie dripping down his face, and even while wearing a gigantic sombrero. What we’re saying is that it’s pretty safe to officially diagnose Austin with “Photogenic-itis. ” It’s a rare condition that pop stars are born with, and, unfortunately for the rest of us, it’s not contagious.

Photo credit: @austinmahone

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