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Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Had A Disneyland Date With Austin Mahone! (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Had A Disneyland Date With Austin Mahone! (PHOTO)

Selena Gomez and Austin Mahone join some friends at Disneyland.

Selena Gomez and Austin Mahone hit up Disneyland with some friends!

Just imagine getting a text from Selena Gomez saying, “Hey! I know you’re busy DOMINATING the world with your heartthrob status, but wanna go to Disneyland with me and some peeps this week?” Well, Austin Mahone got an invite just like that (we’re assuming) from the “Slow Down” singer, because he joined Selena and a bunch of other pals for a late-night hangout at the famous theme park! We already knew Austin and Selena were friendly, but we had no idea that the two had become spinning-teacup-ride BFFs!

The two pop stars were snapped enjoying the “Happiest Place On Earth” in Anaheim, Calif., and honestly, we’re kinda jealous that we couldn’t be part of their crew. We’re not just talking about how BEYOND amazing it would have been to go splitsies on Mickey Mouse-shaped cotton candy with Austin or gossip about ex-boyfriends (*cough* Justin Bieber *cough*) with Selena. (OR wear Minnie Mouse ears with Selena, who might be the only person in this world cute enough to wear those without looking silly.) We’re talking about the PERKS! ‘Cause you know that being SUPER famous (and a Disney Channel alum like Selena!) means NEVER having to wait in ANNOYING long lines for rides.

Photo credit: WENN

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