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Star Spotting: Rihanna Models Her Incredible Shrinking Bikini (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Rihanna Models Her Incredible Shrinking Bikini (PHOTO)

Rihanna shows off her bikini body out in the sun.

Rihanna wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow guitar-printed bikini!

REJOICE! After Rihanna had to cancel her Polish beach trip due to the crowds and lack of privacy, she FINALLY scored herself some sun time! But what’s even MORE newsworthy is that we’re pretty sure Rihanna’s bikinis are shrinking! To prove this point, we may or may not have taken our ruler out to measure this swimsuit compared to previous swimsuits. (FYI: We were right — they’re def getting smaller.) Oh, we’re not mad about it, we just wanted to be thorough in our (kinda creepy) investigation! #WhyWeLoveOurJob

The “Pour It Up” singer shared the photo of her barely there bathing suit on Instagram with the caption, “Oh baby I’m a Roc StaR.” Clearly Rihanna’s using this selfie to mock our non-tans and pay homage to her special version of Vitamin D (“D” for DOMINATING, obvs). Perhaps she’s also using this photogenic moment as a way to tell us that you shouldn’t put your bathing suits in the dryer! But mostly, Rihanna’s probably just using this photo say, “See the gym IS your friend!” So, please excuse us while we search for our local “Get Rihanna-toned” class online… You know, right after we finish our snack.

Photo credit: @badgalriri

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