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Star Spotting: Rihanna Does The Unthinkable — A Crotch Grab + Hair Whip Combo! (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Rihanna Does The Unthinkable — A Crotch Grab + Hair Whip Combo! (PHOTO)

Rihanna grabs her crotch and whips her hair in Amsterdam.

Rihanna was the queen of dexterity while performing in Amsterdam!

We can totally imagine Rihanna hanging out backstage before performing in Amsterdam, like, deeply contemplating her next onstage move. She’d be all, “Hmmm… I’ve pretty much mastered the crotch grab. How can I take it to the next level? Should I grab my crotch and throw up a peace sign? Nah, too easy. Maybe I could grab my crotch and Prancercise? No, too trendy. Oh, I know! I’m going to grab my crotch and whip my hair AT THE SAME TIME. Perfect.” And then we imagine Rihanna got dressed because she clearly does all her backstage preparations naked (not that we’re mad about that).

The “Pour It Up” singer was snapped combining two of our favorite pop star staples into one stellar combo while performing in the Netherlands, and it’s pretty obvious that she’s been studying Paramore’s Hayley Williams’ hair whip, ’cause girl NAILED the follicle velocity like a pro. We also can’t escape the fact that she pulled off this incredibly complex move AND managed to make a modelesque expression and not an I-just-pulled-a-muscle face. Now we’re left wondering what’s next for Ri… will she take on the even more elusive/challenging dance trifecta: the “crotch-grab-hair-whip-side-eye” move?! If she does, you better be prepared to bow down to Queen Ri FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Photo credit: WENN

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