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Star Spotting: Niall Horan Looks A Little Tired At The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Judges’ Table! (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Niall Horan Looks A Little Tired At The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Judges’ Table! (PHOTO)

Niall Horan of One Direction visits "Britain's Got Talent" and looks a little exhausted!

Niall Horan looks a lil’ exhausted. Maybe time for a day off?

Yeah, so it might be time for a well-deserved day off for One Direction‘s Niall Horan! Or at least an afternoon off? Because the normally cheeky 1D member is looking a little, how shall we say, exhausted/confused/perturbed to be sitting behind the “Britain’s Got Talent” judges’ table. (P.S. No word on exactly why the boys were there, but we’ll probably find out soon enough!) And look, we tooootally get that Niall works really hard, and being “on display” (“Real Housewives” reference intended) 24/7 might get a little tough, but Niall is almost always smiling, so something MUST BE up! Because when he’s not busy making epic Taylor Swift “I’m surprised!!” faces, Niall is all smiles while grillin’ and chillin’, always focused on the football pitch, revved to be Obama’s Chief of Staff, and extra grin-y while spending some time with a special Directioner.

And the best part? Niall’s very special/tired/confused face was brilliantly captured by best man extraordinaire and fellow “Kiss You” singer Harry Styles! Harry captioned in a tweet to “Britain’s Got Talent” host David Walliams: “@davidwalliams Niall gets confused. Your seat was warm. And squishy.” Uhhh, exactly! Of course, Niall could always been pretending to be tired and confused for, like, “ironic” purposes, but we happen to be intimately acquainted with Niall’s “tired” face, and this isn’t it! Take a day off, bb. You’ve earned it.

Photo credit: @Harry_Styles

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