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Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus Got Mobbed By Fans… In A Sports Bra (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus Got Mobbed By Fans… In A Sports Bra (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus got mobbed by fans in New York while wearing a sports bra... as her t-shirt.

Miley Cyrus wears a sports bra as an actual t-shirt and owns it. 

First, if you didn’t believe that Miley Cyrus was officially “BACK,” then let the above photo change your mind right this second. And it’s not like we didn’t know that Miley was a full-fledged celebrity (normal people don’t have abs that toned). It’s just that if this pic of Miley being escorted away from a crowd of screaming fans, AND rocking hair to the sky, huge shades, and a sports bra as her only shirt doesn’t scream “CELEBRITY X 10000,” then we don’t know what does. Well, maybe all the twerking and werqing and grinding and grill-flashing in her “We Can’t Stop” video screams “CELEBRITY” too, but whatever. There may have been stylists and directors involved, but the above photo is CAN-DID.

The “Ashtrays And Heartbreaks” singer was mobbed by fans while leaving her NYC hotel yesterday. Miley was in town to film a segment on “Good Morning America” with her “Fall Down” collaborator, where she didn’t exactly rock a sports bra, but she DID wear some exceptionally high-waisted fur granny panties. So, there’s that. Either way, if Miley ever needs a quick ego boost to remind herself of how how up she is on the A+ list, she should just just reference the above! And speaking of reminders, this photo is also GREAT proof that she currently holds the “Most Toned Stomach In All The Land” award. Just stare at it whenever you’re doing crunches, Miley!

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus

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