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Star Spotting: Meet Rihanna’s New Gray Hair (PHOTOS)

Star Spotting: Meet Rihanna’s New Gray Hair (PHOTOS)

Rihanna voluntarily dyed her hair grey!

Rihanna’s like gray hair? Don’t CARE! In fact, GIMME!

Yesterday, I sat in the sun for a total of five minutes. I came home, and not only was my face beet red, but I saw some light streaks in my hair. Naturally, I panicked, thinking, “HOLY EFF, I’M GOING GREY.” Then I called my mom to ask about what kind of product she uses for “coverage” (sorry ma!), but it turns out that my hair was just blonde from the sun! Maybe I was just being preemptively neurotic, but I’ll tell ya — HAD I known that just one day later Rihanna would make gray hair a “thing,” I would’ve been like, GREAT! Bring on the aging! (Well, that’s a lie, but whatever, creative license.)

See more photos of Rihanna’s gray hair after the jump.

As you might’ve gathered, in a bizarre and fully amazing twist of events, the “Stay” singer has voluntarily chosen to dye her hair a lovely shade of gray. And no, it’s not like a “white” gray that might come when you’re 90, but it’s more of a 65-years-young salt-and-pepper hot cougar kind of a situation. Posting her photos to Instagram, Ri succinctly captioned: “Gray is the new black! Blondies, it’s quiet for y’all! #brrr.” COLD! Except not really, since Rihanna’s doing her part to make all gray-haired women feel ferocious and fierce. Alternatively, it’s definitely not a great day for boxed hair dye companies. #GreyIsGood

Rihanna has grey hair!

Rihanna’s a silver fox!

Photo credit: @badgalriri

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