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Star Spotting: Katy Perry Posing With A Bunny Is Our EVERYTHING (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Katy Perry Posing With A Bunny Is Our EVERYTHING (PHOTO)

Katy Perry shows off her new rabbit friend on Instagram!

Meet Katy Perry’s new little furry friend — a rabbit!

Can we take a quick break from mulling over this whole “Is Katy Perry back with John Mayer, or isn’t she?!?!” situation to relish in something WAY MORE important? Like this photo of Katy cuddling an ADORABLE bunny?! We’re getting so many feels from all this cuteness! That face, those endearing eyes… oh, and the rabbit is pretty cute, too (LOL. J/K!). But mostly we’re impressed by the rabbit’s facial expression. That little critter’s FEROSH stare totally screams, “Yup, I AM the luckiest bunny on the planet. WHAT. OF. IT.”

The “Teenage Dream” singer shared the too-cute-for-words photo on Instagram, and after we spent 15 minutes awww-ing ourselves into a frenzy, we started to ask some important questions. What’s the bunny’s name!? Is Katy going to carry it onstage to sing duets like Mariah Carey did with her dog, Jill E. Beans (PLEASE SAY YES)? And, most important, has this little four-legged cutie-pie had the chance to hear any of Katy’s new music?! We couldn’t think of a better music critic than a rabbit — he’s all ears! (Ugh… sorry.)

Photo credit: @californiancat

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