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Star Spotting: Justin Timberlake Says ‘What Up’ To Jimmy Kimmel’s Elbow (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Justin Timberlake Says ‘What Up’ To Jimmy Kimmel’s Elbow (PHOTO)

Justin Timberlake visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."

Justin Timberlake “high-elbows” Jimmy Fallon!

Merry Justin Timberweek, guys! Aside from Hanukkah and maybe Passover (um, matzoh ball soup, HELLO), Justin Timberweek is one of our favorite holidays. Wait, WHAT’S Justin Timberweek, you ask? Seriously? (We thought y’all were all up on your Justin Timberlake Google alerts!) Fine, you were probably in a deep musical trance from non-stop streaming Justin’s The 20/20 Experience, so here’s the 411: On the heels of his fifth (and wildly successful) “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig, Justin plans to stick around 30 Rock a little longer for “Justin Timberweek”– a week where JT will be featured on all five episodes of “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” (That’s called a residency in industry speak — harumph, harumph.) And if the photo above means anything, than the official greeting of Justin Timberweek must be an elbow-five! You know, a high-five using only your elbows! DUH GUYS.

Check out more photos of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon after the jump.

In what must be the third cutest bromance after Kanye and Jay-Z and Jay-Z and Justin, Justin and Jimmy have been on the bromance track for a while, so it would stand to reason that the “Suit & Tie” crooner and his professional host pal would have their own unique way of greeting each other! Either that or the boys are just being SUPER germ conscious (flu season may be winding down, but some people are STILL PARANOID). Either way, we love these two as besties and hope they continue to elbow-five each other for the rest of Justin Timberweek. And the rest of life, for that matter! Because can you imagine how ADORABLE it would be to see 80-year-old Justin and 87-year-old Jimmy doing an elbow-five when they meet for their weekly bingo game? Perfection.

It’s all smiles here in Bro Town!

Photo credit: Getty Images

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