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Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Takes The Rare Not-Shirtless Selfie (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Takes The Rare Not-Shirtless Selfie (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber takes an "I'm Bored" selfie and suddenly we don't feel so ashamed

Meet Justin Bieber’s “bored” selfie face!

We’ve always kinda thought that when famous people like Justin Bieber get bored, they do things like call their famous friends (Sean Kingston and Lil Twist), play with some expensive toys (Batmobiles, Swarovski crystal-encrusted ice cream makers), book trips to outer space like it ain’t no thang, or maybe even get a new tattoo. But, nay! When The Biebs gets bored, he quite literally does what 99.9 percent of America does: takes an “I’M BORED!!” selfie, which not only makes us feel way closer to Justin, but it somehow takes away a little of the shame we feel for vainly posting “sexy/bored” photos of ourselves!

Yesterday, the “Heartbreaker” singer (are we gonna hear that soon, or what?) posted a rare NOT-SHIRTLESS selfie with the caption, “Bored ……” And yes, when you have 17373793930278 Instagram followers, reading one percent of the replies alone might in fact de-bored you. But we think that when Justin says “bored,” what he really means to say is “look at my perfectly messy hair and the silhouette of my biceps in the shadows.” And you know what, JB? WE WILL look at those things! You don’t even have to ask.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber’s Instagram

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