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Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Gets Dual Hugs From His Grandparents! (PHOTOS)

Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Gets Dual Hugs From His Grandparents! (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber spends some QT with his grandma

Justin Bieber spends some quality time with his grandma. 

For all the time he spends maybe peeing in restaurant mop buckets, maybe hoarding zoo animals, and definitely flirting with gorgeous blondes in the ad for his new fragrance, “The Key,” we still think that Justin Bieber‘s a family man at heart! And no, we’re not saying that dude spends every Sunday afternoon at the dinner table with his family listing the three best things that happened to him this week (although if he did, we think it might go like this: 1. “I’m famous.” 2. “My new song “Heartbreaker” is coming out soon.” 3. “I’m flirting with my ex-girlfriend“). But he does make sure to get in that QT with the grandparents! And hug them a lot. And make us feel like we gotta pick up the phone and call our Bubby, like, YESTERDAY.

See more photos of Justin Bieber with his grandparents after the jump.

The “Right Here” singer got dual hugs from his grandparents backstage after his “Believe” Tour show. Along with the photo of him and his grandma, JB captioned, “Love you gramma,” and with the photo of him and his gramps, he said, “Nothing like a grandfathers love.” Yeah, VERY INTO THIS ANGLE! Less peeing in buckets, more hugging your grandparents, we say! OK fine, maybe you can pee in a bucket, like, every six months. What, the kid’s gotta have SOME fun!

 Photo credit: Justin Bieber’s Instagram

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