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Star Spotting: Harry Styles Was The Best Man At His Mom’s Wedding! (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Harry Styles Was The Best Man At His Mom’s Wedding! (PHOTO)

One Direction's Harry Styles as the best man at his mom's wedding is THE BEST.

Harry Styles was the best man at his mom’s wedding! AHHHHH.

We’re pretty positive the internet broke for a solid 12 hours this weekend after the above photo of One Direction‘s Harry Styles and his mom Anne Cox (or “mum,” as Harry says, because BRITISH!!) surfaced. That’s right: Harry served as best man at his mother’s wedding this weekend, because who wouldn’t want that face plastered EVERYWHERE in the wedding photos? (Oh, and also probably because Harry’s stepdad, Robin Twist, has been in the picture since Harry was seven years old and has a loving relationship with his stepson. But also the face thing!!)

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Unfortunately, our wedding invitation got lost in the mail (airmail from England simply can’t be trusted!), but rumor has it that the ceremony took place in Congleton in Cheshire. Harry looked dapper (what else is new?), his mom looked beautiful (duh, she produced Harry), and most important, aside from serving as the ceremony’s best man, in the middle of the party, Harry hopped up onstage and sang “Isn’t She Lovely, aka Harry’s original “X Factor” audition song! Full circle! Mazel tov, Mummy Styles! We wish you a long and happy marriage, and perhaps another baby that looks like Harry.

+ Watch Harry Styles’ Vine post from the wedding!

Photo credit: Twitter/@Harry_Styles

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