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Star Spotting: Harry Styles Really Wants Us To Follow Him (But We Already Do)! (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Harry Styles Really Wants Us To Follow Him (But We Already Do)! (PHOTO)

Harry Styles is asking us to follow him on Instagram, in more ways than one!

Follow you, Harry Styles? ANYWHERE! 

So, a few things. First, please enjoy the above photo of One Direction‘s Harry Styles cruising around town in a “follow me” truck, because apparently those exist. Second, Harry, don’t you know that we’re already following you?! Because odds are that somewhere nestled amongst your 13 million Twitter followers is us, the folks who dedicated entire blog posts to your “Our Moment” fragrance commercial, that time you were the best man at your mum’s wedding, and even that other time you had a religious experience with a chicken dinner. I think that means we’re officially Harry Styles devotees FOR LIFE.

So, that brings us to our next point: Who’s NOT following the “Kiss You” singer? Because the only demographic we can think of is, like, mayyybe dads over the age of 58, grandmothers not connected to the internet, and, you know, newborns who haven’t yet finalized their Twitter handles. It’s also possible that Harry wants us to literally “follow” him to a secret special place where he’s set up a romantic caviar picnic just for the two of us. And maybe arranged for the rest of 1D to serenade us with a live and acoustic rendition of “One Thing.” So if that’s the case, just let us know and we’ll meet you there, bb. Any place, any time! Just do us a solid: Give us at least two hours notice to book an emergency blowout and mani/pedi.

Photo credit: Harry Styles’ Instagram

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