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Star Spotting: Beyonce NAILS Taylor Swift’s Surprised Face (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Beyonce NAILS Taylor Swift’s Surprised Face (PHOTO)

Beyoncé NAILS The Taylor Swift Surprised Face

Beyoncé has officially mastered the Taylor Swift surprised face!

OK. Game over. Nothing to see here, other than the fact that Beyoncé just DOMINATED Taylor Swift’s famous “Swifty Surprise Face“! Oh, and not only did she take down all of the (unintentional) contenders to the throne, like Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen, and One Direction‘s Niall Horan, but she also knocked Taylor out of the (totally made up) contest — AND TAYLOR WAS THE ONE WHO STARTED IT! (Hey, we don’t want to be the “told you so” type around here, but we did say that Taylor needed to get a trademark on this ish for this exact kind of reason… Just sayin’.)

The “Rise Up” singer was snapped making a giant surprised face during her hometown stop in Houston on “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.” And not only did Bey deliver in every single musical performance, but she also brought the ultimate “What’s this? You all came here for meee?” look. Perhaps that’s why she made the expression in the first place! Or maybe she saw some old haters from high school (if those even existed?!) out in the audience and used this perfect homecoming moment to declare, “Oh wait, who runs the world, now? Moi?!” (Also, could you even imagine if you were someone that actually hated on Mrs. Carter back in high school? They’re SO kicking themselves right now.)

Photo credit: Getty Images

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