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Star Spotting: Adam Lambert’s Got A Macho Mustache! (PHOTO)

Star Spotting: Adam Lambert’s Got A Macho Mustache! (PHOTO)

Adam Lambert grows a macho mustache and shows it off in Los Angeles.

We are LOVING Adam Lambert’s new mustache!

Some guys’ faces just aren’t facial-hair friendly — but Adam Lambert IS NOT one of those guys. If his new mustache proves anything, it’s that he could grow a Jared Leto-style beard and still rock the eff out of it. Heck, Adam could show up in mutton chop sideburns and we’d still crown him as the Prince of Glam! And while us Glamberts could debate “hair or no hair” for DAYS, we’re pretty sure we can all agree that Adam’s mustache hasn’t done an ounce of damage to affect his crusade to remain, as People magazine would say, “The Sexiest Man Alive.” LONG LIVE LAMBERT!

The “Ray Of Light” singer was snapped sharing his new ‘stache while taking in some nightlife in Los Angeles. But now we’re wondering: What inspired Adam’s new facial hair? Maybe he’s trying to achieve a mature, fatherly look? Or maybe Adam’s had no time to shave since he’s been on tour/performing at Arabian-night themed events in Vienna. Orrr maybe he was inspired by a Netflix marathon of “Magnum P.I.” or the “Super Mario Bros. Super Show“? Come on! We’ve all felt the need to change our appearance based on television characters at one point or another! ( But please don’t ask about ours — our ’90s “soul patch” obsession is still too painful to talk about.)

Photo credit: Splash News

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